Review: Arlo Go 2 works at home, on vacation, and anywhere you need security


  • Arlo Go 2 review: at a glance

  • Included in the box

  • Arlo Go 2 setup and installation

  • Arlo Go 2 Rugged Design

  • Arlo Go 2 Video Quality

  • Arlo Go 2 security performance

  • Arlo Go 2 connectivity

  • Arlo Go 2 Privacy: Exceptional

  • Arlo Go 2 Battery Life: Above Average

  • Should you buy the Arlo Go 2?

I appreciate that today’s home security cameras provide peace of mind and comfort. Having them around the house in strategic places is enough to deter potential intruders. But what about areas outside of your home’s Wi-Fi coverage? You could buy a mesh Wi-Fi router to extend coverage to install a camera in a peripheral area of ​​your property, or maybe you could get the Arlo Go 2.

Distinctively Arlo by design, the Arlo Go 2 makes a compelling case by offering optional 4G LTE connectivity when Wi-Fi is not present. It’s the kind of versatility rarely seen among the best outdoor security cameras, which is why it’s the perfect security camera at home, on vacation, and anywhere you need security.

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I tested this camera for almost a month to get a good idea of ​​its performance and compiled my findings in this Arlo Go 2 review – here’s how it went.

Arlo Go 2 review: at a glance

Arlo Go 2

Arlo Go 2

Arlo Go 2

Price: $249.99
Buy now

Buy: $250 at Verizon

Buy: $250 at T-Mobile

  • Accessible almost anywhere with 4G LTE

  • Smart detection

  • Many privacy tools available

  • Above-average battery life

The inconvenients
  • Dimensions: 3.38 x 2.53 x 4.72 inches

  • Lester: 1.08 lbs. with battery

  • Operating temperature : -4° to 113° F

  • Night vision: 850nm LED, illuminates up to 25ft

  • Weather resistance: IP65 rating

  • Video capture: 1080p

  • Battery life: Up to 11 months standby

  • Battery rating: Up to eight months of use

Included in the box

  • Arlo Go 2

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Magnetic charging cable

  • Mounting screws

  • Wall mounting kit

  • Quick Start Guide

Arlo Go 2 setup and installation

Overall, setting up and operating this camera was easy.

I’ve never had major issues with setting up older Arlo cameras, but this one had one obvious hurdle – setting up its 4G LTE connection. For some reason it was not connecting, but I later found out that was because the sim card was not correctly activated.

Arlo Go 2 review

Arlo Go 2 review

Without this knowledge, for a few weeks I used it strictly as a Wi-Fi security camera in my apartment. Once the sim card issue was fixed, it worked like a charm on LTE. In total, the whole process took less than five minutes, minus the LTE hiccups.

As far as mounting options go, it comes with the standard wall mount that quickly attaches to a corner. You clamp it in place with the screw on the back, which also adjusts the angle of the camera to the exact position you want.

Arlo Go 2 Heavy Design

The Arlo Go 2 looks deceptive in images because it looks exactly like Arlo’s other cameras, like the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight. However, it’s beefier and weighs just over a pound, which might not seem like a lot, but it’s heavier than most outdoor options I’ve tested recently, like the Wyze Cam V3 which weighs less than half a pound.

Arlo Go 2 review

Arlo Go 2 review

Nevertheless, it is battery powered and relatively compact to take with you anywhere. Since this is an outdoor camera, the IP65 construction ensures it will withstand the elements, with coverage for extreme temperatures ranging from -4° to 113° F.

The only complaint I have about the design is that it uses Arlo’s proprietary magnetic connection to charge. This means that if you lose or misplace the cable, you can’t just use any USB-C or spatial micro USB cable you might have. Instead, you’ll need to purchase a replacement.

Arlo Go 2 Video Quality

Armed with a 2 megapixel camera tuned for 1080p video recording, I have to admit the quality was disappointing – especially when faced with the sharper images of the Arlo Pro 4’s 2K video recording. I wouldn’t call it a total washout because it’s good enough to bring out most of the detail .

Look at the deer in the photo below. I could tell it was a deer by looking at the pictures, but as you can see the details tend to be softer. Likewise, night vision performance was good enough to spot critters running around my backyard at night.

This camera also struggles with dynamic range, which is evident in how the sky and bright areas of the scene below are blown out. Other cameras with HDR support balance out these high contrast areas for more even exposure throughout the scene.

Sample Arlo Go 2 camera

Sample Arlo Go 2 camera

Naturally, my expectations tend to be high when it comes to video quality due to the other cameras I’ve tested. The performance of the Arlo Go 2 is again disappointing, but in all fairness it delivers acceptable results.

Arlo Go 2 security performance

After setting it up, I suggest changing the motion detection settings to help reduce the number of times it records video due to motion. Setting it around the 30% to 50% threshold seemed to offer the best results in my testing.

Arlo app

Arlo app

With the purchase you get a three-month free trial of Arlo Secure (from $2.99/month), which offers additional features such as smart detection. The Arlo Go 2 managed to perfectly distinguish people and animals, while having the ability to detect packages.

Arlo app

Arlo app

The Arlo app also did a great job of retaining all triggered events. Organized in chronological order, I found it useful that it also marks the type of motion detected – whether it was triggered by a person or an animal.

Arlo Go 2 connectivity

Very few cameras offer 4G LTE connectivity as an add-on to Wi-Fi. The Arlo Go 2 is one of them and gives it an edge over the competition, especially in the event of a power or internet outage.

While it certainly has its benefits, I’ve noticed that accessing the live feed from the camera may take more than 10 seconds. It’s on both LTE and Wi-Fi. That might not be a problem for some, but I can see how crucial those extra seconds can be.

Arlo Go 2 review

Arlo Go 2 review

Plus, I wish it had built-in GPS, especially if it was going to be used as a surveillance camera – or a way to trace its location in case it’s been tampered with or moved.

Arlo Go 2 Privacy: Exceptional

Micromanaging a security camera isn’t a job I want, and neither should you. The Arlo Go 2 offers a handful of privacy features that make the camera more autonomous with its actions.

Arlo Go 2 review

Arlo Go 2 review

For starters, there’s 2-factor authentication which helps secure your account from potential hackers. Second, the geo-fence option allows the Arlo Go 2 to auto-arm whenever it detects my phone is outside the geo-fenced area. And finally, it has local storage video recording thanks to its built-in microSD card slot.

Arlo Go 2 Battery Life: Above Average

The Arlo Go 2 delivered better than expected battery life results. After 14 days of using it indoors over Wi-Fi and setting it to record the best video quality, battery life was still over 60%.

Arlo Go 2 review

Arlo Go 2 review

This was shocking, given how often I accessed the camera during this testing period. Of course, I’d be shocked if it could come close to the eight months it’s rated for, but no camera I’ve ever tested has lasted more than three months on a single charge. It’s still better than average, in my opinion.

Should you buy the Arlo Go 2?

Arlo has a stellar reputation for great security cameras that work. I appreciate the ability to switch to LTE connectivity as a backup source if my home Wi-Fi internet service fails.

If there’s one takeaway from this Arlo Go 2 review, it’s that it’s the perfect security camera for travel, vacations, and outdoor events because it’s accessible everywhere as long as there is cell coverage in the area. You’ll pay for the service, which starts at $5/month as an add-on plan for Verizon customers, but you’ll have the option to access it remotely. It’s a convenience that few security cameras can say they bring to the table.

The video quality could be better and it could benefit from the built-in GPS. However, he always did a great job with his main function – providing security when I needed it on site, wherever I was.

Should I buy it? Yes, especially for areas where you don’t have Wi-Fi or if you’re on vacation and need to watch your belongings.

Arlo Go 2

Arlo Go 2

Arlo Go 2

Price: $249.99
Buy now

Buy: $250 at Verizon

Buy: $250 at T-Mobile

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