Slab City is an option if you like short-term vacation rentals: letters

La Quinta residents who want the city to limit the number of short-term vacation rentals hold signs during a press conference at La Quinta City Hall, January 12, 2021.

Mr Bond said renting his property is a property right, a continuation of the often-used phrase “I can do whatever I want with my property”. It is a mistake. If one owns in a city that has zoning rules, the city identifies the permitted uses for each type of zoning. Chapter 9 of the La Quinta Municipal Code deals with zoning, Chapter 9.40.030 specifies permitted uses in residential zoning. Short term vacation rentals are not listed. Chapter 3.25 of the La Quinta Municipal Code, passed last year, pertains to STVRs; it specifically identifies where new STVR permits are allowed from May 2021:

  • Residential accommodation within a residential project located in the CT Tourist Commercial District area, and some adjacent areas.
  • A residential project located in the VC Village Commercial District area.
  • A housing project subject to a development agreement with the city in which short-term seasonal rental is a permitted use, authorized under a CC&R declaration, for the housing project.
  • Residential accommodation within the area covered by the specific SilverRock Resort plan.

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