Vietravel Airlines named Asia’s Best New Airline at World Travel Awards

LONDON – In the past two days, Vietnam’s newest carrier, Vietravel Airlines, announced that it had been named Asia’s Best New Airline. At the same time, he signed a new commercial agreement for air cargo throughout Vietnam.

Become Asia’s first new airline

On September 7, Vietravel Airlines was named at the Asia and Oceania WTA (World Travel Awards) 2022 gala ceremony as the new leading airline in Asia. It’s a big achievement for the carrier considering it’s only been in business for about a year now.

Their success this year is what led them to receive the award and the main points of their success are cited as follows:

  • More than 8,000 hours of 100% safe flight.
  • Carrying 1.5 million passengers with a load factor of over 92%.
  • An average OTP take-off rate of 94.2% from January to July 2022.
  • Connecting two major cities in Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to popular tourist destinations.

Photo: Representatives of the Board of Directors of Vietravel Airlines and their first prize. Photo credit: Vietravel airlines

Commenting on their very first award, Vietravel’s President and CEO, Vu Duc Bien said, “This is the first award for Vietravel Airlines and a milestone in our history, marking the recognition and trust of customers and partners in our offerings and dedication.”

“It is also an important premise for us to continue to carry out our mission of connecting and conquering further and higher destinations around the world.”

In addition to Bien’s comments, the WTA founder Graham Cookesaid: “It will be the driving force of the youngest airline that will make new progress in achieving its mission of connecting, bringing international friends to the beauty of Vietnam and conquering new lands with the people of Vietnam. .”

Air freight agreement with Vietravel Airlines

Along with their first-ever award, on September 8, Vietravel announced a new investment and development agreement for air cargo services across Vietnam, named VUAir Cargo.

Alongside Asean Cargo Gateway (ACG), Vietravel with an investment contribution ratio of 51% to 41%, the two companies under this new agreement will promote the cargo aviation industry across Vietnam .

VUAir Cargo will mainly focus on transporting air cargo between Vietnam and major factories across Asia in countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

VUAir Cargo will operate its services using a fleet of Boeing 737-800 Freighters with a volume of 02 to 04 units in their first year with the expectation that the volume will double by the second year.

Ultimately, this deal will see Vietravel and ACG become Vietnam’s premier cargo airline, placing the country on the global stage for air cargo services.

Vu Duc Bien says: “The air freight market still has a lot of potential and has not been fully exploited. The supply chain is broken while the raw material market in Vietnam, China, Southeast Asian countries, Northeast Asian countries, Europe and the Americas are regarded as the region fastest growing with the highest annual GDP in the world.

“It has the highest proportion of working-age population in the world. Therefore, the production bases will gradually move to this area next to the world’s largest factory, China. Through the assessment, Vietnam is seen as a bright and potential candidate in production change.

“This will be an opportunity for the logistics industry in general and air freight in particular to take off in the near future. For this reason, it is the right time to build and promote the first air cargo segment in Vietnam, combining ACG’s experience in logistics and the air transport of Vietravel Airlines.

An ACG representative also added, “Aiming to meet and promote the domestic and international logistics industry, especially with large potential markets, it means bringing Vietnamese companies closer to the global market.”

“In addition, signing a cooperation agreement with Vietravel Airlines is a momentous milestone, realizing the dream of becoming Cargo Airlines in Vietnam soon.”


Vietravel has certainly had an incredible start to operations in its first year of service to the Vietnamese aviation industry and winning the award for Best New Airline in Asia really signifies this strong start for the carrier.

The awards ceremony saw a number of awards handed out, including Singapore Airlines which won the title of Asia’s Best Airline.

Moreover, seeing Vietnam start to venture into the air cargo industry is a welcome sight and with its proximity to China, it is in a prime position to expand on the global air cargo scene.

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