‘Dreams Come True!’: 5 Highlights From Camilo’s ‘De Adentro Pa’ Afuera’ Tour Stop in Miami

Camilo continues to pursue his dreams, as he has stated many times, officially pit-stopping his De Adentro Pa’ Afuero tour at the FTX Arena in Miami on Saturday night (September 10).

At around 9:05 p.m., the Colombian singer-songwriter took the stage with the opening track “KESI,” instantly bringing pure joy and happiness to the sold-out venue with fans of all ages. The staging was simple but captured its essence: a microphone, a four-member band, its iconic neon “tribe” logo, and a round tapestry rug.



See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

After performing the second track, “Ropa Cara”, Camilo greeted the audience. “Good evening, Miami, good evening tribe,” he said. “Being here is another example of dreams coming true. Last year I was so happy I got to be at the Fillmore, and a year later we’re here,” he added with a smile on his face before performing “Mi Lugar Favorito.” and “Pesadilla”.

The magical night ended around 10:20 p.m., ending with “Aeropuerto”, part of his new album and inviting his band and Eva Luna to the front of the stage and thanking everyone for a special evening.

Below, check out more highlights from Camilo’s concert.

New live music: Four days after the release of his forthcoming new album, By Adentro Pa’ FueraCamilo performed various singles, such as “Nasa”, “Ambulancia” and “Alaska”, among others.

Heartfelt conversations: If the name of his new studio album and tour is any indication (inside out), the evening was all about connecting with his beloved fans “the tribe”, while sharing thoughtful quotes and inspiring. “The mind can tell us that our heart will never heal, and we believe that because it’s our mind, and it takes control,” he said, asking anyone who felt defeated, the heartbroken and emotional to hold their flashlights on.

The artist emphasized that these feelings of sadness, strong as they are, were only temporary and that you were not alone. “Can I show you why you are not alone?” If there is someone tonight who has experienced the same feeling once in their life, but their heart has returned, I want you to turn on your flashlight; if you ever thought you weren’t going to make it through this, and you did, put your flashlight up high. And now, I’m asking you all to look around and see how all those flashlights are, if you ever pass by, remember this moment.

Evaluna Montaner: As with any Camilo show, you’ll know that his only surprise guest is almost always his wife, singer and actress Evaluna Montaner. “Flowers are born from the cracks, the heart will always wait for true love,” Camilo reminded everyone before inviting his wife and the mother of his daughter Ingido on stage. The couple continues to perform “Por Primera Vez”, “Machu Pichu” and “Índigo”. Realizing their dreams, the couple shared how they both wanted to perform together at the FTX Arena and Evaluna assured that “it will happen one day”.

A mirror concert: In the many moments that Camilo had with the public, he spoke of the difficulty of being in a world where everything is measured by the number of “likes”, recalling how La Tribu made him feel the great value that ‘he had. “I hope tonight you can feel this concert like a mirror, feel how great you all are and be like wow, there’s no one like me. So today’s celebration is for the type of person you are. In a thoughtful way, he also told his fans that they weren’t there to see him in concert but rather he was the one who went to see his fans.

A moment to disconnect: One of the most magical moments of the evening was when the artist asked everyone in the room to put away their phones for the performance of his single “De Adentro Pa’ Afuera”. Reason being, he wanted fans to connect with his voice and live in the moment. The energy of the moment was very special and pristine.

Camilo is ready for Billboard Latin Music Week 2022, which runs September 26-30 at Faena Forum in Miami. He joins the star lineup that includes Romeo Santos, Nicky Jam, Chayanne, Maluma, Ivy Queen, Grupo Firme, Bizarrap and many more. Registration is now open on BillboardLatinMusicWeek.com.

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