Live shopping: Live video is reinventing e-commerce

direct purchases It is a new tool that is revolutionizing e-commerce worldwide. It is a virtual platform that allows entrepreneurs, sellers and influential people Show products live and sell them online instantly. It’s a show that helps generate and maintain interest in a wide variety of products – cosmetics, food, clothing, home decor, even works of art – while sellers or influential people Describe the benefits.

During the pandemic, quarantine has led to an increase in virtual sales. Companies have had to adapt to online purchases, especially those accessible via social networks. GoJiraf, Amazon Live, Taobao (made by Alibaba), the OnLive site or Kuick, are the companies that have felt this new trend, which is constantly evolving. e-commerce Was experimenting and evolved into the trend.

Patricio Cosio and Agustin Campos, both Argentines, developed the service direct purchases In Latin America during the pandemic. He learned about this trend in China and founded Gogiraffe, the first such platform in the region. It aimed to bring people closer to digital selling and give them a simpler, more personal interaction with a more human touch in real time.

To access the Platform, the companies that contract the service direct purchases They inform their customers of the event by e-mail or on social networks. The date and time of the call are indicated there and an access link is sent. During the broadcast, the seller describes the advantages of his product and the customer can ask, comment and buy on the spot.

The platform allows sellers to digitize content through a live broadcast of their sales. There you decide which products to display and interact with customers. In the case of a sale, it immediately links the transaction to the payment method chosen by the customer: credit card, debit card or online payment application without redirecting it to a web page. “It simplifies the experience and translates into a higher volume of ticket sales,” says Cosio, adding that the format, in a way, induces teleshopping, but in this case it is through a platform. is digital. portable Hey full screen mobile Which adapts to the screen of any mobile phone.

Argentinian entrepreneurs explained that in a fortnight study, 60 out of 245 people who attended an event purchased and generated an average ticket equivalent to US$400. This means that 22% of people who were linked to their accounts made a purchase. They also point out that in e-commerce, the interaction time with a customer’s page goes from three minutes in the traditional format to twelve minutes.

“Conversation and urgency are factors that make this new tool attractive. Thanks to them, the customer increases the contact time with the product. He also interacts through a format that is familiar to him: that of a social network. Live,” he said.

There are three live streaming formats. one to many This is the classic mass transmission of up to a million people, with a host, usually a provider, reaching up to a million people. one to a few which allows up to fifteen people and can be called by a client who invites a network of acquaintances. And that one better than the other It is the custom that connects the customer to the seller.

Essen Aluminum is an Argentinian company that produces pots and pans. This is the world’s first direct sale direct purchases their contractors.

“Essen Live Shopping is a virtual tool that reduces the physical distance with customers. The company manages not only to publicize its products, but also to reach more The commitmentProximity, interaction and performance are fundamental pillars of our business, and this tool allows entrepreneurs to communicate even better about the advantages and differences of our products without having to be physically in the same place,” he explains. it at Essen Aluminum.

Live shopping doubles its digital sales in China

Natura is one of those companies that are making breakthroughs. A few weeks ago, the cosmetics company launched a . completed the first broadcast of direct purchases On the eve of Friendship Day in Argentina. Over 12,000 people joined the online meeting and site visits increased by 1,000% compared to a normal day. Additionally, the brand has received over 4,000 orders since its inception. Live, with around 1000 orders per hour, which is usually achieved in a hot selling day. The most used by consumers were discounts such as the 30% discount.

“The integration of this type of initiative into our strategy is part of this transformation of traditional direct sales and allows us to reach as many households as possible and retain those who have already chosen us as mentors and consultants. Promote the activity of the entire network. Nature’s beauty. This digitization is undoubtedly an accelerator of opportunities and a before and after for our company”, assured Santiago del Giudice, e-commerce manager at Natura Argentina.

For her part, Steffi Hochstein, head of digital media at another agency, points out that “it’s a very effective way to interact with the community while having a positive impact on the sales of any company. of the revolution”. This new way of buying and selling continues to attract customers because it brings everyone together. personal buyerr, so they can practically get real-time advice before buying. It generates more interest among the users and helps to encourage the buying intention of the audience.

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