Stark County McDonald’s joins fight against opioids

Seven McDonald's locations in Stark County will hold pop-up events to distribute naloxone.

Opioid overdoses have been a problem facing our county and northeast Ohio.

Two local business owners want to use their Canton-area restaurants to help put vital resources into the hands of those in need.

Tom and Trey Locke franchisees, of Tomtreyco Inc., own and operate 15 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Stark County. The father/son duo is partnering with Canton City Public Health to hold seven pop-up naloxone dispensing events at their restaurants in September and October.

At these events, visitors can pick up free naloxone (a drug that quickly reverses the effects of an overdose) and information about other harm reduction resources. Trey Locke was quick to note that no purchase at McDonald’s is necessary.

Tom Locke, owner operator at Tomtreyco, stands outside a McDonald's in Canton Township in this 2019 file photo.

Why is it important to Lockes and TomTreyco Inc.

The opioid crisis and the problem of overdose affect the Locke family.

“This issue has not only hit our community hard, it’s also hit our family hard,” said Trey Locke, 33, local owner/operator of McDonald’s. “We lost my sister-in-law, Nicole, to an overdose five years ago, and I immediately thought of her when I heard about the possibility of hosting these pop-up events on naloxone.

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