Once impounded for lack of payments, Steve Jobs’ $140 million luxury yacht Venus is a 256-foot-long avant-garde cruiser. It has 40-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and its glass is created by the Apple Stores designer. – Luxury launches

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once told French designer Philippe Starck, “Every year we go on vacation on my friend Larry Ellison’s boat ($130 million from the superyacht Musashi). And every year, I say to myself, I too should have a boat built. But I don’t. Two years ago, I decided to go for it. I looked at everything, asked everyone and came to the conclusion that only one person can do it: you. That’s how Venus came into existence as a stunning $140 million motor yacht. The first thing observed is how Venus is a mastless motor yacht, with its antennae and domes hidden away in an architectural statement. It was the first in the world, in addition to having 40-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, per Jobs’s wishes.

In 2008, along with Venus, Starck also designed another beauty – Sailing Yacht A for Andrey Menichenko, the Russian oligarch. Motor yacht Venus was completed in 2012; a year after Steve Jobs died, which means the genius never got a chance to set his sights on his massive 256ft boat. While Philippe Starck was creating the design for his one-of-a-kind sailing paradise, the head designer of the Apple Stores was making structural glass for the yacht. Let’s take a closer look at what this beautiful boat is:

Steve Job’s superyacht Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love-
If ships could be compared to goddesses, Venus would be considered supreme! Venus is a breathtaking boat, designed to perfection by Philippe Starck and built by Feadship for one of the most legendary builders of all time. There was nothing ordinary about the $140 million yacht, from its unusual shape and concealed antennae to the use of an unprecedented amount of glass like never before that spanned the entire length from all cabins on the main deck.

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The 256ft comfortably accommodates 12 families and friends in six identical bedrooms serviced by a crew of 22 for a luxurious sailing experience. The massive deck offers countless spaces to set up multiple lounging areas for outdoor parties and dining under a canopy. According to the published images, the rear platform fits into the hull. As is the case with most luxury vessels, this space serves as an access point to a tender garage or is used for fishing and relaxation activities as a beach deck. The billionaire stunner of a ship cruises at a speed of 16 knots and boasts a top speed of 22 knots. Two 16-cylinder MTU engines power the boat which is now owned by Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.

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Laurene, her daughter Eve Jobs and friends were spotted enjoying the opulence of the luxury ship Venus off Cannes in the Mediterranean. As there will never be another Steve Jobs, there will not be another yacht like Venus.

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Revolutionary motor yacht Venus pays tribute to its maverick owner –
A boat like Venus could only belong to Steve Jobs. It’s edgy, no-frills, and looks like a tycoon’s technologically advanced sailing lair. While interior details remain under wraps, the ship’s captain is reportedly relying on a high-tech row of 27-inch iMacs to navigate the wheelhouse. Interestingly, Steve Jobs also filed a patent under his name for an iPhone-like remote control app to control his massive ship. In 2016, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the remote control device that displays yacht status and displays subsystem data and activated systems while the vessel is navigating through the water.

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Another high-tech feature of the ship is a very practical home automation system, mainly because children are placed at the front of the ship while adults are accommodated at the rear. This system allows transparent communication and tranquility according to the desires of the owner. “Steve wanted to make sure the teenagers could fit in the front of the boat when he was in the back and vice versa. He was obsessed with silence,” Starck said. “At his house, the children didn’t make any noise, nor the dog, nor his wife… nobody ever made a noise.

Starck also talks about the 256ft in an interview with Vanity Fair: “There will never be a boat of this quality again. Because never again will two madmen come together to accomplish such a task. There will never again be so much creativity, rigor and above all philosophy applied to a material creation. It wasn’t a yacht that Steve and I were building, we were embarking on a philosophical action implemented through a quasi-religious process. We have formed a single brain with four lobes.

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The yacht was once impounded due to unfinished payments-
Seized ships are mostly mentioned in connection with sanctioned oligarchs these days. But in 2012, Steve Jobs’ superyacht Venus was seized by authorities in Amsterdam due to unfinished payments. $11 million was to be paid for commissioning the yacht to Philippe Starck’s company Ubik, of which only $8 million was delivered. The yacht was moored in a Dutch port but was eventually released after deals were struck between Jobs’ estate and Philippe Starck, who helped Jobs design the ship.

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