RMK Marine reaffirms itself in the superyacht sector with three impressive projects under construction

Written by Alexander Griffiths

RMK Marine is a shipyard founded on a tradition dating back to 1978. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, RMK Marine is an expert in the construction of steel, aluminum and composite superyachts. In 1997, the shipyard was integrated into the Koç group, when it took the name of RMK Marine.RMK marine facilities The shipyard has an astonishing level of versatility, which partly comes from its phenomenal pool of talent that it has in-house. RMK Marine is one of the largest shipbuilding operations in Turkey and the site is bustling with activity as it builds, refits and rebuilds not only superyachts but also commercial and special purpose vessels. As far as refits are concerned, RMK Marine carries out on average between 10 and 20 major projects per year.

These other branches of the business aside, RMK Marine has a portfolio that takes care of this versatility, having built and delivered a range of different superyachts over the years. The largest to date is the 52-meter sailboat Nazenin V, which features exterior design and naval architecture by Sparkman & Stephens, and an interior by RWD. The all-aluminum sailboat Nazenin V was launched in 2009 and enjoyed life with one owner.Nazinin V yacht cruise While the RMK Marine fleet may contain another sailboat, the 38.14 meter designed by Dubois Dusk, its primary focus is motor yachts, especially those with a penchant for exploration. The shipyard is bolstering that arm of things with three new exploration yachts each brimming with unique charm, and one of which is built on speculation.

The shipyard has one major luxury that many other yards don’t have, and that’s the financial prowess of a top-tier holding company that keeps the turbines turning. Koç Group, Turkey’s largest industrial and services conglomerate, and owner RMK Marine, achieved an astonishing consolidated annual revenue of $61 billion in 2021. RMK Marine – and its customers – benefit greatly from such strong financial support. With this support, RMK Marine offers financial security, security and exceptional after-sales service. Exterior design of the Seven Seas yachtThe smallest of the three superyachts under construction at RMK Marine is the 36.86 meter “pocket explorer” designed by Vripack seven seas, scheduled to hit the water next year. The Explorer was designed for an experienced yacht owner who requested a yacht that could handle long distance cruising and was super efficient. seven seas is the sixth collaboration between Dutch Vripack and RMK Marine, and the result is a masculine trawler-style yacht refined by a feminine and family-friendly design. Exterior design of the Seven Seas yacht“The explorers we build with the Vripack design have great stories to tell and have spawned a group of happy and satisfied customers,” commented Adnan Nefesoğlu, CEO of RMK Marine. “Now, with this new order, we have the opportunity to recreate this range of vessels for RMK Marine. RMK is a one-of-a-kind shipyard with accumulated experience with boats from different disciplines, hull materials and, of course, renovations of historic wooden boats into a wide variety of high-value vessels. We are now ready to reflect all this experience in this new line of explorers.Exterior design of the yacht Aries Next seven seas is the 49.9 meter superyacht designed by Hot Lab Ram. “We wanted to start a new build that will be a sporty and attractive, robust and elegant explorer,” commented Özgür Numan, Yacht Department Manager at RMK Marine. Therefore, we have agreed to collaborate with Hot Lab to create a versatile exploration super yacht under 500 gross tons. The yacht resembles a previous joint concept of RMK Marine and Hot Lab, the RMK5000but this vessel will feature a newly developed hull with greater volume and greater outer surface in the forward section”.Exterior design of the yacht Aries Ram is the most utilitarian project under construction and is expected to have a lavish interior that offsets its masculine exterior lines. The superyacht will accommodate up to 12 guests and nine crew, and is expected to be loaded with amenities. Arguably her most outstanding feature is her open aft deck which is incredibly versatile, as she can be used for the storage of tenders or transformed into a very generous social space, thanks to a pair of fold-out wings in her bulwark. Exterior design of the yacht Aries The aft deck is home to a large swimming pool and has multiple seating arrangements spread across the three-tire deck space; offering guests a space that is both social and private. Ram is built on speculation and is expected to launch in 2024. ER65 yacht exterior design The latest project underway at RMK Marine is the shipyard’s future flagship, the 65-meter ER65scheduled for completion in 2025. The superyacht is built to a design by Ivan Erdevicki and his Vancouver-based studio, ER Yacht Design, and offers state-of-the-art luxury coupled with around-the-world capabilities, meeting stringent ice and polar class requirements.

“This is the kind of project a yacht designer waits for all his life”, commented Ivan Erdevicki. “The owner specifically requested a bespoke long-range all-purpose project for an expedition motor yacht, with style and a classic timeless elegant look, which I was very happy to land on my desk!”ER65 yacht exterior design The 65 meters ER65 marks the start of a promising long-term partnership between the Canadian design studio and the Turkish shipyard. The first fruit of this relationship is certainly exciting, and the team made sure it packs a punch. The ER65 is equipped with a library, sauna, gym, beach club, massage room and medical center. It also has a helipad with refueling station and a deep-sea submarine.

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With these well-advanced projects, RMK Marine has indeed reasserted itself in the superyacht sector. Her presence was already well known, but these new models add even more heft and showcase her shipbuilding prowess. ER65 yacht exterior design To find out more about these projects currently underway, the RMK Marine team will be at stand JS18 at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022.

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