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Nichola and Nelson Ross and Georgie from Timber and Tide.

Born and raised in Noosa by the beautiful Noosa River, it’s no surprise that Nelson Ross had a passion for restoring wooden boats from an early age.

At just 15, Nelson cleared a space in his backyard and got stuck restoring an original wooden lifeboat from a late 19th century steamship.

After spending several months in the sun bringing a century-old boat back to life, Nelson knew that one day he would turn his passion for woodworking into a profession… and he did just that.

Nelson became a skilled boat builder through an apprenticeship with renowned luxury yacht builders, Noosa Marine, and worked in the industry for many years before deciding he wanted to create special wooden furniture for like-minded locals and make his work accessible to people with all budgets.

So, with interior designer and wife Nichola Ross by his side, they began sourcing quality Australian hardwood, designing their first piece to showcase and sharing their bespoke wooden furniture with those who are looking for something special that lasts.

Starting a new business is tough at the best of times, but it was 2021 and Covid was upon us. Lockdowns, uncertainty and financial instability did not stop this tenacious team, they thought smart, started small and sought sound advice from Business Mentoring Noosa (BMN) early on to get them on the right track. way.

“We knew it wasn’t the best time to start a small business, but if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain, everything is possible and work/life balance is important. “, said Nicholas.

“So we dove in headfirst and reached out to BMN for advice on how to navigate such uncertain times as a small startup.”

Working under their house in a small space, building beds around structural posts and banging their heads on low overhead beams, Nelson and Nichola got creative with the space and worked with limited tools to maximize the space in their makeshift workshop.

Like so many others, they’ve also jumped on the pandemic pet bandwagon and hired their head Pawject Manager, a gorgeous golden retriever named Georgie – who has proven to be more of a hindrance than a help.

So, with the support of their business mentor Peter Read from BMN, a little help from friends and no help from the lovely Georgie, they started to grow their passion project into a thriving small business and he didn’t It didn’t take long before they had enough orders to take on a lease at a much larger workshop in Noosaville.

“We are so grateful to be able to do what we love every day and build quality parts for quality people,” Nelson said.

Crafting great furniture isn’t their only goal.

While they are excited to see a future unfold that combines their skills in craftsmanship and design, they are excited to work in an industry that allows them to care for a future beyond their own.

With a focus on sustainability, their furniture is made from locally sourced quality hardwood, FSC certified and finished in a non-toxic natural hardwax oil. They manufacture to order to avoid waste through mass production and run their machines on solar energy.

Nelson and Nichola also donate to Australian rainforest restoration organizations to plant more trees than they use and continually strive for zero waste by recycling wood waste and sawdust. .

“Making environmentally friendly products is a movement we can all support, so it’s no wonder Timber & Tide is off to such a good start,” said business mentor Peter Read.

“It was fantastic to watch Nelson and Nichola bring their vision to life and it has been very rewarding to offer them guidance and support them on their journey.”

“Peter has been like our secret weapon,” Nichola said.

“Whenever we find ourselves at a turning point in our business or faced with a challenge, Peter has been there to bounce back and help steer us in the right direction.

“We are extremely grateful to Business Mentoring Noosa for the service they provide.

To become a BMN mentee or donate your time to mentoring, visit or phone 5406 1291.

Learn more about Timber & Tide, their bespoke wooden furniture and their sustainability mission via or visit their workshop locally at 3/12 Leo Alley Road, Noosaville.

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