Akron’s old restaurants bring back fond memories

Mark J. Price

Dining out was always a treat when I was a kid in Akron. My mom was a great cook, but we still loved going to restaurants in the 70s and 80s. It was exciting to try something new.

Although many of these places are gone now, I have fond memories. Wish I could go back for one more taste.

Mark J. Price:Pardon the grammar of this jamming mammer

Here are 10 restaurants from my youth that I wish I could revisit:

Dodie’s Dining Room, 808 W. Market St., Akron: The Highland Square restaurant offered home-cooked dishes like Salisbury steak, liver and onions. The waitresses wore hairnets and looked old to me, but they were probably younger than me now. I remember the sauce. Lots of sauce. And the pies were homemade and delicious.

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