Possible names filed for the three Epic Universe hotels

Universal Orlando is not only building a brand new theme park, which is expected to open in 2025, but Epic Universe is also expected to bring several new hotels to the area. A hotel will be located behind the park and two other hotels will be built across the street.

Thanks to new trademark applications, we can now know the names of these three new stations. Let’s take a look at what we know about new hotels, how they might be named and more in today’s update. See the video version of this story below for additional visuals.

Three active hotel project sites linked to Epic Universe, original image: fasttrack.ocfl.net

Two new trademark applications filed by Universal this month may be related to the Epic Universe project. The two trademarked terms are described as being for “resort” and “hotel services”.

One is called “Universal’s Terra Luna Resort” and the other is called “Universal’s Stella Nova Resort”.

Recent trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Recent trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

It is possible that these newly registered trademarks relate to the two hotels under construction in front of the Epic Universe theme park. Known as Project 912 and 913 in the permits, these two lots are located on either side of the extension of Kirkman Road, where it will lead to Universal Boulevard.

Both hotels will be located on the south side of the new “Epic Boulevard” which will connect existing roads to Epic Universe. It’s long been rumored that these two hotels will be sister resorts, similar to Universal’s Endless Summer Resort, which includes Dockside and Surfside on either side of Universal Boulevard.

Image of South Florida Water Management District with added labels for hotel packages

The two new brand names seem to go along with this rumor, with two resort titles bearing the same name, both tied to outer space terminology. And these Stella and Moon the names go along with the “Universe” themed naming style we see for Epic Universe in general. Early site plans for the area even appeared to show space-themed iconography in front of these two hotels.

Project 912 and 913 hotels are rumored to each contain 750 rooms. Project 912 will be built first, with land preparation work underway. Height waivers filed with the FAA indicate that three cranes are due to arrive at this job site on October 25.

Future hotel site at the corner of Kirkman Rd and Universal Blvd

Construction site of the 912 project hotel seen at number 2 in this photo by Bioreconstruction

Permits filed with the county show “model rooms” being built at a nearby warehouse, with Finfrock listed as the contractor. These model suites will be used to show what the finished rooms of this new hotel will look like and to help with construction.

Finfrock specializes in building precast concrete structures, which allow for incredibly fast construction times, and they were the same contractor as Universal’s Endless Summer Resort. The construction schedule for this project could be ready as early as 2024. Work has not yet started on the partner hotel, project 913.

Description of Finfrock from Endless Summer, Image: finfrock.com

Universal’s Terra Luna and Stella Nova Resorts aren’t the only brand names we’ve seen from the company so far. In April last year, the company filed a trademark application for “Universal’s Helios Grand Hotel”.

Many believe this could be the name of the hotel that will be built at the back of the Epic Universe theme park itself. Helios is the Sun God in Greek mythology, so he also fits into the naming scheme for the new park.

Trademark for Universal’s Helios Grand Hotel

Known as Project 910, the hotel at the back of the park is said to have 500 rooms. Hotel guests will park their vehicles and enter the lobby on the other side, facing the park.

Many rooms appear to have a view of the theme park, and a lounge is said to be located on the roof. The lounge may offer a view of a possible nighttime fireworks display, as some permits show a fireworks launch site located in the center of the drainage pond behind the hotel.

Official concept art for Epic Universe showing the hotel behind the theme park

While the most visible construction for the 910 project so far has been on the adjoining restaurant, the hotel’s prep work appears to be gearing up for a tower crane. Documents show that the tower crane will arrive on site for this project in early October.

If the hotel we think will be called “Universal’s Helios Grand Hotel” will have 500 rooms, and the two hotels possibly named “Universal’s Terra Luna Resort” and “Universal’s Stella Nova Resort” each contain 750 rooms, that could mean 2,000 rooms. extra for Universal Orlando overall.

Land being prepared for the construction of a hotel at the rear of the park, Photo: Bioreconstruction

We don’t know what price tiers these hotels may fall into when they open, but all three are expected to be managed by Loews Hotels. This is the same company that operates all existing hotels at Universal Orlando Resort.

Universal Orlando hasn’t confirmed any of those details, but the company said it plans to open the Epic Universe by summer 2025 at the latest. Orange County said the Kirkman Road extension, which will be vital for the new area to open up, is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Lines drawn in the guest parking lot for Epic Universe, Photo: Bioreconstruction

Wider view of the guest car park under construction, Photo: Bioreconstruction

According to information from the Orlando Sentinel, while only 1,500 construction workers are currently working on the site of the new theme park, between 9,000 and 10,000 workers are expected to be on site by next year.

This may explain why we can already see white lines drawn in Epic Universe’s parking lot. They will need plenty of space for all those workers in the years to come as this project continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Wide view of the Epic Universe construction site, Photo: Bioreconstruction

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