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For a restful night, a romantic weekend or a long British stay, don’t miss one of these three hotels in Great Britain, near the New Forest, as special as they are friendly. Your magazine Luxus plus mag has selected three.

New Forest is 571 square meters National Park. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 1999, before gaining national park status in 2005.

Ancient forests, wetlands, several wildlife species surround all who visit it, in a rare sense of freedom. The opportunity to breathe the fresh air of the New Forest, to discover these vast landscapes and to sleep in one of the many hotels in the region.

Chewton Glen: the alliance of luxury and authenticity

Set on 52 acres of beautiful property on the edge of New Forest Park, this elegant mansion is a dream come true.

This red-brick country hotel features an extensive award-winning spa, gourmet restaurant and luxurious treehouses. There’s also a golf course, tennis courts, a croquet lawn, and plenty of entertainment, including cooking classes.

The rooms, with their perfect harmony of green and yellow, are little sanctuaries mixing the old and the new. A true English experience in an exceptional location, which manages to combine unpretentious luxury with the charm of the English countryside. Visitors can choose between a single room and a suite nestled in a wooded valley, with a large terrace and spectacular forest views. The opportunity to see many wild animals.

The Chewton Valley is an extraordinary place, one of the finest luxury hotels in the UK. It was even voted the best hotel in the British Isles by readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

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The pig: a warm hotel

This hotel with a humorous name is located in an old 17th century farmhouse. This picturesque property, surrounded by vineyards, houses a restaurant that uses locally grown and produced produce.

It has thus become a favorite place for gourmets and lovers of good meat.

It consists of 26 rooms, all personalized in a shabby-chic style combining a romantic atmosphere with a vintage touch. Wallpapers, furniture, beds and curtains help give them a unique touch.

In the common areas there are also original works of art, a bar with shelves and many small spaces open to all, to read by the fire or relax at late afternoon tea. .

The property also has a vegetable garden whose colors change with the seasons. At the bottom of the garden, the treatment cabins are out of sight, in charming little wooden cabins.

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Rhinefield House: in the heart of the New Forest

Called the “jewel of the forest” by those who know the area well, the Rhinefield House Hotel occupies a grand Gothic Tudor-style mansion.

Located in the heart of the New Forestthis magnificent building, worthy of the abbey in the city centeris particularly spectacular.

With 50 rooms and 3 suites, it is surrounded by a vast park with ponds and fountains, an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a terrace and several bars. Most? a charming maze…

The star room of this fabulous hotel remains the dining room of the Alhambra. Dotted with onyx, Venetian glass and intricate mosaics, it is a true work of art.

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