Bishop’s Call for Services 2022-23 kicks off September 17-18

Your gift to Bishop’s Services Appeal makes a difference to the ministries it supports and the thousands of people it touches.

Some of these ministries include Catholic Education, Youth Ministry, Vocations/Seminaries, Southwest Louisiana Catholic Charities, Family Life, Diocesan Council, Communications, Saint Charles Center and the camp Karol, cancellation and other legal fees, maritime personnel services and evangelism. the Diocese of Lake Charles.

The 42n/a Bishop’s Services Appeal (BSA), a fundraising campaign to help run these various ministries and programs, will begin the weekend of September 17-18 in church parishes across the diocese.

This year’s campaign, which runs through the end of the fiscal year – June 30, 2023, with a goal of $824,000 – is themed, “For this reason it depends on faith that this be a gift,” a scripture reference from Romans 4:16.

In his annual BSA message, Bishop Glen John Provost acknowledged the generosity of the faithful in the diocese in the past for the purposes of the call.

“I am extremely grateful to you for opening your hearts to our services and to those who benefit from them,” he said in a letter to congregants. “Faith makes giving possible, and we respond. In doing so, we share the mission of Christ.

In this perspective and with your support, the BSA continues to make visible various ministries, in particular:

  • Office of Religious Education who oversees the religious education program of the parishes and the studies on the Catholic religion in the six Catholic schools of the diocese, ensuring consistency in the presentation of our faith.
  • Catholic education which offers rigorous academics grounded in teachings of service to others and serving as a vital tool of evangelism.
  • Seminarian education which supports the education and welfare of diocesan seminarians with a vision to ensure the celebrations of the sacraments in the future.
  • Vision of Catholic charities to help ensure that we, the Catholic Church, care for both bodily and spiritual needs. Catholic Charities continues to expand its locations (currently 11) making ever-changing resources available to all areas of the diocese.
  • The work of St. Charles Center offers the opportunity for priests and lay faithful to step away from the world and be alone with Christ and allow Him to speak to us and rediscover His vision.
  • Communications Office continues to share vital information in a wide range of formats through the printing of the Catholic Calendar diocesan newspaper; online via the diocesan website; and through social media on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles Facebook page.

His Excellency noted that the pursuit of Christ’s mission occurs in two important ways: teaching and healing.

“In teaching, the Diocese of Lake Charles strives to imitate our Lord,” Bishop Provost said. “We teach students in our parish religious education classes. We train converts in the sound teachings of Christ and His Church through our Christian initiation programs for adults.

The Bishop also highlighted the valuable contribution of the Saint Charles Center and Camp Karol to the Christian formation of adults and young people. He went on to stress the importance of encouraging vocations among our young people.

“To ensure the future, the diocese promotes vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life and contributes to the formation of men from our seminaries who will serve in your parishes,” he said. “To nourish these vocations, the diocese maintains the Vianney house for men who discern the priesthood before entering the seminary.”

As of June 2022, there are 13 priests in active ministry in our diocese who have been ordained by Bishop Provost since his installation on April 23, 2007.

The Diocese of Lake Charles also shares the mission of Christ through healing, the Bishop continued.

“We work with Christ to bring healing through our Pro-Life Ministries and Retreats. Individuals come to a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat and find healing from the pain and loss of a child through abortion,” he said.

“The Diocese offers counseling and continues to expand its services to an ever-expanding group of beneficiaries through the Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana,” Bishop Provost added. “We also re-established a Catholic Medical Society, under the patronage of St. Luke, to serve our medical professionals.”

The Bishop concluded his BSA message by reminding people that all of this we do – through teaching and healing – because of our faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

“I ask you to join me this year in calling the services of the bishop through your gift given because of faith,” he asked. “May the world see that we truly belong to Christ through our manifest manifestation of the gospel call.

Donors can choose from the following options to contribute:

  • By check or cash in the BSA collection envelope designated by your parish
  • By designating a donation at any time in your parish’s collection
  • By credit card or electronic check (ACH) through the Diocese of Lake Charles website at

The first weekend of collections in the parishes of the church will take place at all masses from September 24 to 25.

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