Have you experienced any flight delays and cancellations? Here are some tips

Air travelers are frustrated these days with many flight delays and cancellations.

Traveling these days is like tossing a coin.

Lately, my bar has been set very low for my expectations. I expect to be delayed and pleasantly surprised when my trips are actually on time and don’t include going through airports and getting ready for canceled flights.

After:Are you entitled to compensation for your travel delays?

This summer, an airline made me book another city because a delay would make the connection too tight for that route to tie me up in Washington, DC when that flight was canceled. When I was not offered a hotel (because the original flight I was not on had been delayed due to weather, not a mechanical problem), I reluctantly agreed to take the flew to Boston (not my final destination) and asked my friend to drive the hour and a half to pick me up as we didn’t want to ruin our weekend.

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