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It’s time to get comfortable.

I don’t know about you, but for me, fall is all about staying home, inviting friends and family over, cooking and serving delicious, hearty, and flavorful food.

This time of year is a great time to up your cooking game, try new recipes, and generally get excited about eating slow foods – foods that have been prepared with time, love and attention.

1. Avocado at home

Over a decade after the release of their last cookbook, Avica’s New Cookbook, lawyer at home, is packed with over 100 delicious recipes designed and written by their own in-house creative team.

Fabulous chefs from Avoca’s restaurants, cafes, bakeries and central kitchens have shared their own favorite recipes for this book, meaning it’s perfect for foodies and home cooks alike. You can expect Avoca classics with contemporary twists as well as exciting new dishes and tips and tricks from their gardeners, chefs and design team on how to recreate the Avoca experience at home.

€27.95, avocado

2. In praise of Veg

Want to make your meals more vegetarian?

In this comprehensive, fully illustrated book, food writer and presenter Alice Zaslavsky presents 50 favorite vegetable varieties, offering more than 150 recipes both traditional and modern.

Uniquely organized by color and filled with countless tips on flavor combinations, how to buy/store/cook, shortcuts and vegetable wisdom from over 50 of the world’s top chefs, In Praise of Veg will help beginners and passionate cooks. Turn a bag of yawns or a produce box surprise into a jaw-dropping meal.


3. Lush

TikTok sensational chef Daniel Lambert is part of a new generation of social media chefs – and we love what he’s doing.

The recipes in this book are fun, playful and delicious, and will give you practical instructions for dishes like salt and chili chicken, Irish potato nachos or cheeseburger tacos if you feel like it. something entirely new.

With chapters like Potato Party, The Cure, and So Wrong But So Right, Lush is putting the fun back in the kitchen with 100 easy-to-make recipes.


4. Pasta Grannies Comfort Cooking

Who doesn’t like pasta?

The first Pasta Grannies cookbook was an international bestseller, so needless to say, we can’t wait to get our hands on the follow-up book.

In this new book, Vicky Bennison, the best-selling author grannies pasta Cookbook, brings you more heartwarming recipes and stories from our favorite Italian grandmothers in this easy-to-follow, crowd-pleasing cookbook that shows you how to prepare authentic Italian cuisine that everyone will enjoy.

Discover Pina’s, 91 years old chestnut gnocchi with walnut pesto, lovingly prepared with ingredients she grows around her home in Liguria; or Special Marietta 99 years old tagliatelle recipe, which is not really a recipe but a reflection of his vegetable garden, the Calabrian countryside and the changing of the seasons. In addition to meat, seafood and vegetable pasta recipes, the chapters cover pizzas, pastries and pies, rice and legumes, dairy products and herbs, nuts and spices.

Oh, and even better? Each recipe comes with a QR code which, once scanned, will take you directly to the YouTube videos of these nonnas and their recipes.

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5. The Year of Homemade

Lilly Higgins is the quintessential modern housewife, and in this new book, the social media star shares over 70 things to do, do and eat at home.

We love that this book is broken down by seasons, which makes seasonal cooking so much easier – and lets you get ideas for home projects and crafts related to holidays, celebrations, or just winter time. ‘year.

Get inspired with ideas for family celebrations, crafts to decorate your home, activities to do with the kids and simple ways to welcome the seasons. Reflecting the Irish calendar, from St Brigid’s crosses in February to Christmas wreaths in December, The Homemade Year will help you navigate the months smoothly and make everyday moments special.

19.99 €, Reasons

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