The Yards 12-hole course can now be played on aboutGOLF simulators

Yards owner David Miller (left) and general manager Mike Miles stand on one of the greens which will be part of a six-hole par-3 course, with the clubhouse in the background.

The Yards, a 12-hole golf course at Ponte Vedra Beach which opened in late 2020, is now available to aG subscribers of the corner-based game, “Dialed In”, to assist players in their short game.

Simulation company aboutGOLF will offer fans of the course a chance to play it in a virtual environment at indoor golf centers.

“Golf is no longer just 18 holes in the traditional sense. From indoor golf to abbreviated experiences, the sport is evolving through technology and the interest of a variety of participants,” said Ken Kamada, CEO of aboutGOLF. “The Yards have embraced this change. With a three-hole stretch of 100 meters or less called The Beer Loop, we can give our users a chance to compete in a shorter time frame.

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