Airport art, amenities help relieve anxiety

“A universal thrill.”

This could be the description of post-COVID air travel, as thousands of flights were canceled or delayed, sometimes in a single day. But the phrase, by acclaimed author Gertrude Stein, currently appears in a mural installation by artist Eve Fowler in a unique location – the baggage claim level of Terminal 2 at Los Angeles International Airport.

The murals are part of a myriad of artworks and other unique features at airports around the world that are meant to calm and orient harassed travellers, offer directional cues, help them identify with the particular place they landed and even shelling out more money for too much. snacks or souvenirs.

“It improves the customer experience and helps drive revenue, people stay around longer,” said Heather Kaufman, director of arts and events at Denver International Airport. “It’s kind of an intuitive way to find your way, you can tell someone, ‘look for the giant mural at the end of the alley. But it’s mostly a zone of respite…art audience helps reduce that visual noise if you want. Otherwise, we’re just ads and noise.”

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