Weatherford Stafford Regional Airport opens new terminal

Weatherford Stafford Regional Airport held a ribbon-cutting ceremony before a large crowd of local community members and aviation enthusiasts on Tuesday, November 22, in honor of the airport’s new terminal.

The $1.6 million project began in December 2021 and lasted nearly 11 months. The new terminal was necessary because the current building, attached to the Stafford Air and Space Museum, could not accommodate the increased air traffic the airport was experiencing. The upgrades will provide visiting pilots and passengers with a grand new entrance when flying into Weatherford.

“I am proud to help open the new Weatherford terminal, which will be a great asset to the surrounding area. Already home to a first-class air and space museum, Weatherford is a growing community due to its forward-thinking policies and prime location in western Oklahoma. This new terminal will promote economic development, support jobs and increase labor opportunities by attracting new businesses to the area for years to come.

Senator Jim Inhofe delivered the commencement address and led the ribbon-cutting ceremony signifying the optimistic future of Weatherford Stafford Regional Airport and the City of Weatherford. In addition to cutting the ribbon for the new terminal, this event provided an opportunity for pilots and aviation enthusiasts to collectively thank Senator Inhofe on behalf of the industry and extend warm wishes to him at the end of his final term as Senator. American. With over 50 years of public service, Inhofe has been the premier supporter of aviation nationwide as well as in Oklahoma.

One of Oklahoma’s favorite astronauts and local hero, General Tom Stafford, was on hand to deliver remarks on this momentous occasion for Weatherford.

Oklahoma Transportation Secretary Tim Gatz said, This airport demonstrates the City of Weatherford’s advanced commitment to improving aviation infrastructure. Since the founding of the community, civic leaders and citizens have dedicated their resources and time to investing in growth-enhancing projects. This airport has become a symbol of character and integrity that embodies the Oklahoma standard.

This project would not have been possible without the leadership of the City of Weatherford, the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and the FAA working together to find a financing solution to complete such a critical project.

“The Aeronautical Commission is proud to use this special ribbon cutting in Weatherford as a time to commemorate Senator Jim Inhofe’s service to Oklahoma’s aviation community. Working with Mayor Mike Brown, General Tom Stafford and others on this project has been one of the most rewarding experiences.They know the importance of aviation and infrastructure and how an airport terminal plays a part in the larger picture of the economic improvement of the community,” said Grayson Ardies, Director of the Aeronautics Commission.

Weatherford is a major economic center in western Oklahoma, as evidenced by the $6.3 million in annual economic impact from the airport and 4 jets based. Although several local maintenance shops call the airport home, the main attraction is the world-class Stafford Air and Space Museum which is located on airport property. General Stafford has made the museum a key feature over the years to help inspire the next generation of aerospace professionals. Thousands of children from all over Oklahoma visit the museum each year to see the incredible history of this great industry. It’s safe to say that Weatherford is doing an incredible job of helping to create the aviation and aerospace workforce of tomorrow, which is so vital to the state’s second largest industry.

Senator Darcy Jech said, This is a great opportunity for the City of Weatherford and its citizens. The new airport terminal is a beacon for Weatherford businesses, showing the community that it values ​​infrastructure. This project encompasses two of the state’s largest growth sectors, tourism and aerospace. We look forward to seeing the aviation community flourish here.

Representative Anthony Moore said, “As a Custer County Representative, I know the new Weatherford Terminal is just the beginning of continued growth that will help elevate the local economy by bringing new opportunities and better infrastructure in the region.

Mike Brown, Mayor of the City of Weatherford, said, “Without the help of the FAA, the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and the citizens of Weatherford, this project would not have been possible. We now have a beautiful, fully functional terminal that will serve our community and visitors for decades to come.

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